Shuttle MY01 ODD Bay cover for Shuttle Slim PC, SFF, 193mm,
€ 4,26
Shuttle Serial Port Adapter H-RS232 for H-/R- XPC series, Su
€ 8,71
Shuttle PCP11 COM port Cable for P20U,P51U,DS10U, 1x 10-pin
€ 8,71
Shuttle POC-PHD31 PHD3 2.5 inch drive holder, 1x 3.5" bay to
€ 9,45
Shuttle PHD4 3.5" HDD Cage for XPC XH81, XH81V, XH97V, XH170
€ 10,19
Shuttle CXP01 Cable for external Power-on-Button, Supported
€ 10,19
Shuttle Vertical Stand PS01 for XG41, XH110, XH170, XH61, XH
€ 14,62
Shuttle PS02 Vertical stand for XPC slim PCs [SFF, Feet, Met
€ 14,62
Shuttle PV02 VESA mounting kit for XG41, XH110, XH110V, XH17
€ 15,36
Shuttle PCM3 PC serial port for XPC XH81/XH110, 3x COM port
€ 16,10
Shuttle PCM31Triple COM port expansion for Shuttle Slim-PC B
€ 16,10
Shuttle PCL71 Serial/ Parallel port addition for Shuttle All
€ 23,50
Shuttle PNFC01 PNFC01NFC kit for P20U series, NFC Wireless,
€ 23,50
Shuttle DIR01 DIN-Rail Mounting Kit for Shuttle XPC slim ser
€ 26,47
Shuttle POS01 Serial/ Parallel/ Ethernet port addition for o
€ 31,64
Shuttle PC55 SilentX XPC Power Supply, 450W, 75%, APFC, 3x S
€ 32,39
Shuttle WLN-M WLAN-kit for Shuttle XPC cube & slim w/M.2-223
€ 34,94
€ 45,18
Shuttle WWN01 LTE kit WWN01for DL10J serie, 2xLTE-antenna, L
€ 46,66
Shuttle WWN03 WLAN access point mount for Shuttle DS10U, DS1
€ 46,66
Shuttle POI-PRC01 PRC01PCIe Riser for Slim PC XH510G2
€ 55,44
Shuttle PSE01 Gigabit LAN with PoE Output (Power Out), Inter
€ 61,30
Shuttle PD01 Gigabit LAN with PoE Input (Power In) Internal,
€ 68,63
Shuttle PC61J SilentX power supply, 300W, 82%, 20+4-pin, SH6
€ 75,95
Shuttle POZ-PE180E01 Power supply PE180 (180W) for Slim PC X
€ 84,73
Shuttle WWN11 4G Adapter Kit + Huawei ME906s 4G LTE, Intern
€ 127,21